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Computer Hard Drive Shredding in Los Angeles

Hard Drive & SSD Destruction Shredding

We physically destroy hard drives for data destruction – no wiping or erasing. A certificate of hard drive destruction after each service.

Mobile Devices and Smartphones

Our mobile device shredding process is thorough and designed to ensure total data destruction:

Backup Tapes and Magnetic Media

The secure tape shredding process includes strict individual tape chain of possession handling practices through the entire destruction cycle which includes data destruction certification.

Types of Hard Drives and Media We Destroy

Our data destruction services help protect you against identity theft. 

Hard Drive Shredding Machine
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Secure Data Destruction Services

Regulatory Compliance

We prioritize your privacy by providing you with comprehensive data destruction services that meet the latest regulatory requirements.

Sophisticated Technology

Our team of industry experts uses the most sophisticated technology to securely destroy your data.

Peace of Mind

We are committed to providing you with peace of mind knowing that your sensitive information will never be accessed by unauthorized parties.

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Industry Experts

Our team of industry experts uses the most sophisticated technology to securely destroy your data.

Data Destruction Services

At eWaste U.S., we understand the importance of secure data destruction.

What is hard drive shredding?

Hard drive shredding refers to the process of fully destroying a hard drive with no chance of recovery. With so many options available for recovering lost, damaged, or seemingly-destroyed data, we offer the peace of mind you deserve, taking care of any drive, any time, for any reason.
Our expert team in Los Angeles can destroy all hard drives regardless of size, format, or type in only 15 seconds. This service is available for residential clients, home businesses, and all commercial entities that may need secure hard drive destruction. There is no limit in quantity, from a single unit to hundreds, we will gladly destroy them as you watch! eWaste U.S. offers free extraction of your hard drive from laptops and PCs,