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Electronics Recycling & Data Destruction


Los Angeles Based Full Service Electronics Recycling

Licensed and Approved by the State of California.

 Department of Toxic Substances Control

Secure data destruction

The safety of your sensitive data is our #1 priority. We offer: Physical destruction, Digital data erasure,  & Certificates of data destruction.

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North Hollywood, CA Were were we are located

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Electronics Recycling & Data Destruction in Los Angeles

Old TV's collected to be recycled

Bring your kids to work day at eWaste U.S.

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Dismantled Computer Circuit Boards


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IT asset recovery

Whether it is recycling, remarketing, or destroying,

eWaste U.S. can help you dispose of your IT Asset equipment

and other electronics

Responsible recycling

We offer outstanding customer service, environmentally

correct recycling, and we are a local Los Angelesbased trusted partner.


We offer free pick ups for large quantities and competitive rates on smaller loads. Call us today!

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Electronics Recycling Pick Up in Los Angeles County

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