eWaste U.S. offer e-Waste removal and  data Destruction

Service in Los Angeles County. 

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Shredding Cost for Walk Ins -

  • eWaste U.S. offers a customer
  • WALK-IN and witness shredding
  • Service at our North Hollywood facility.
  • We Shred instantly as YOU WATCH

$10 Computer/Server Hard Drive 3.5-inch 

$10 Laptop Hard Drive 2.5-inch

$10 External Hard Drive

$10 Cell Phone

 Each hard drive is tracked down to the serial number, and then shredded in our hard disk destroyer. Once all hard drives have been destroyed, we will send you a certificate of destruction listing each individual drive with serial.

Compliant Information Destruction
Electronic media will be destroyed using our state-of-the-art electronic media shredder. Our shredder destroys your hard drives,Cell phones, and other electronic storage products and materials in seconds, making your private information secure and irretrievable.

Our hard drive destruction services keep your business compliant. Our facility and electronic shredding equipment meet all of the strictest data privacy laws Including: 

Certificate of Destruction provided for every client

For protection and security. We offer 100% Guarantee destruction  

Data Destruction Services in Los Angeles you are looking for data destruction services in Los Angeles, then you can rely on eWaste U.S E-Recycling & Data Destruction to get the job done.

Hard Drive Destruction Service

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Why is Hard Disk Destruction Necessary?

Discarded or donated computers, copiers, and media disks are a principal source of information for identity thieves. These items should not be viewed as trash but rather as archives of confidential data.

The majority of US recycling companies ship electronic waste or “e-waste” overseas. Identity thieves are able to buy and sift through hundreds of hard drives and media disks at a time and pull social security numbers, bank account details, birth certificates, online passwords, passport photos, and addresses to create new identities, credit cards, take out loans, and empty bank accounts.