Smartphones, PDA's & Cell Phones

Electronics (e-waste) Recycling for Businesses in Los Angeles

When businesses recycle with eWaste U.S. they create jobs in our communities and meet high standards for data security and environmental stewardship. Recycling fees apply for general e-waste. Call to get specific information

Network IT Equipment

Services Include

Electronics Recycling
Recycling computer equipment, servers, electronic components,

printers, and peripherals keeps our employees employed and busy.

Secure Data Drive Shredding
At eWaste U.S. Electronics Recycling we

ensure your data by completely

distryoing hard drives discs and other data devices.
Certificates of destruction available
Shred or data wipe all data devices

Pick up services
We provide pick up services for organizations.

In the greater Los Angeles Area Call 800.928.1806

to schedule a pick up today of your e-waste!

For a quote, contact:


As a community service, eWaste U.S. accepts drop offs of most electronic waste at no charge

Where: 7341 Fulton Ave North Hollywood, CA 91605 (Sherman Way & Fulton)

When: Mon-Fri 10:00am - 5:00pm

A few items to note: 

1) Items We Accept: Full List  Some of the items we recycle TV, Computer, Wires, Phones, printer, Network IT etc...

2) Recycling TVs & Monitors: If you are dropping off a TV or monitor, we will ask for your full name, address and phone number. We submit that information to CalRecycle

(a state agency) for participation in the SB20 recycling system. You may be contacted by CalRecycle to verify that your electronics were used in California prior to recycling.

3) Data Security: Data destruction charges may apply if your equipment contains hard drives or other data storage devices that need special handling.

Email or call (818)465-5381 for more information.

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